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Mead – the myth, the drink and the goodness.

Bringing out images of the olden days, of vikings and barbarians,  mead, otherwise called “nectar of the gods,” is accepted to be the one of the […]

Mead – starting your first batch part 1

Mead is goes by various names, which include “Mead”, “Honey Wine”, “Ambrosia”, “Nectar of the gods” – and quite a few others. This drink is correctly […]

Mead – making your first batch – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this little how-to for mead. Lets continue from last part. We have now made the actual must, and pitched the yeast…. […]

Mead recipie – The apple pie Cyser. A mouthful of goodness

Its time for my first published  mead recipie. Apple Pie mead – the name alone brings water to your mouth. Unless you’re Isaac Newton- and have […]

Death by chokolate …mead …

Chocolate mead – the Aztecs knew their shit. The use of honey to create alcohol or wine, is arguably one of the oldest fermentation technique we […]

Vikings and mead- cups and glasses of the days

Vikings loved their drinks, but what is perhaps less a known fact is the drinking as part of their culture – and its not all bad… […]

Mead Recipie – Vanilla and Raspberry harmony

Raspberry mead is one of the recipies that has the potency of becoming a stable in any mead-makers repertoire. There’s something special about the smell, the […]

Braggot – bringing in the best from Mead and beer.

Today I want to talk about a mead type I think has been more prevalent with the Vikings than we might like to think of; The […]

Mead – made the medieval way

We should not talk about mead without knowing its real roots. So in this article, I will talk about how I went to museum documents (online), […]

Dandelion mead – putting those weed to good use

Dandelion – making that lawn annoyance into golden drops Dandelion is a scourge for many lawn-lovers. Nothing messes up that perfect green carpet than this lone […]