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Surfin the beer, choosing the mead !

Its festival time – and therefore – mead time Last week has been a quite an interesting and hectic one at work, so I figured going […]
Polish mead

Sweet, sweet addiction – Miód Pitny – The polish mead.

Let there be – Miód Pitny   “At last Gandalf pushed away his plate and jug– he had eaten two whole loaves (with masses of butter and […]
Ethiopian beekeeping and Tej

Tej – the mead from the origins of mankind

Tej – mead in the Rift Valley Basin. Ethiopia – few countries have such a documented history as this African country on the east coast of […]
Apothecary mead

Apothecary mead – legends of Sherwood brought back to life

As we look back through history, women have been the driving force behind the brewing industry. In fact, the very term ‘Brewster’ was used to denote […]
mead from the garden and nature

Nature and garden – your friend in flavor

Nature love us meaders Nature is a wonderful friend to all us meaders. we don’t always have to go far to get our best ingredients and […]
Medieval mead

Mead – made the medieval way

We should not talk about mead without knowing its real roots. So in this article, I will talk about how I went to museum documents (online), […]
Braggot; beer , mead or inbetween

Braggot – bringing in the best from Mead and beer.

Today I want to talk about a mead type I think has been more prevalent with the Vikings than we might like to think of; The […]
Vikings and drinking

Vikings and mead- cups and glasses of the days

Vikings loved their drinks, but what is perhaps less a known fact is the drinking as part of their culture – and its not all bad… […]

Mead recipie – The apple pie Cyser. A mouthful of goodness

Its time for my first published  mead recipie. Apple Pie mead – the name alone brings water to your mouth. Unless you’re Isaac Newton- and have […]