Cyser On A Budget

Apothecary mead
Apothecary mead – legends of Sherwood brought back to life
Ethiopian beekeeping and Tej
Tej – the mead from the origins of mankind
Brewing a cyser

Today’s recipe for a cyser is brought to us by Christine Stewart, who has been a mead maker for a few years now.This recipe is a tried and tested mix, that has consistently yielded a golden, tasty and savory mead, which is a hit amongst friends and family alike.


PREP TIME: 30 minutes
DRINK TIME: 6+ months
COST: About $40.00
EXPECTED YIELD: About 2 Gallons (after hydrometer readings)

Equipment Used:

2.5 Gallon food safe hops bucket (sold by local brew store)

4’ plastic flexible tubing

S-type double bubbler type airlock w/bung


Wine thief – for easier racking

2nd container for racking

RECIPE for Cyser on a shoestring ( budget )

6.5 lbs honey

3 bottles Simple Apple

10 grapes for nutrients

30 raisins for nutrients

1 lemon plus its zest for nutrients

2 Irish breakfast (black tea) bags for tannins

1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 pkg Lalvin 71B-1122 wine yeast

Add all ingredients except 2 bottles of (cold) Simple Apple to large, sterilized stock pot. Warm ingredients on MEDIUM heat until about 98°f (37°C)

Mix vigorously until oxygenated, at least 5 minutes

Prep yeast by mixing warm water in a sterile bowl between 90 and 105°f (32-40°C) and allow to bubble prior to mixing into batch.

Mix in the remaining 2 bottles of COLD Simple Apple in order to cool the mix quickly.

Add to the batch and pour into your 2.5 GALLON sterilized bucket or carboy(s) with an airlock in place.

The Cyser brew should start bubbling within 24 hours and should stop within 2 weeks. Once bubbling stops, rack into a new (STERILE) container.

After that, it’s just a question of aging… Can you wait a year, great … if not .. then it should be nicely drinkable after 6-8 months….