Slow-cooked pyment moose

Pyment, Reindeer, and cravings; a beautiful mix

When Santas reindeers go out to pasture…     While it is not strictly hunting season, it is always mead season, and as such, I thought to share […]
how to make basic mead

Basic Dry mead

The basic mead recipe – we all start somewhere. It never hurts to go back to one’s roots. A basic mead well done will let you […]
lavender rapsberry mead

Blackberry Lavender mead

This recipe was first published on meadist. All credit goes to the author website. Bill Savage, a former employee of the Wild Blossom Meadery in Chicago […]
Brewing a cyser

Cyser On A Budget

Today’s recipe for a cyser is brought to us by Christine Stewart, who has been a mead maker for a few years now.This recipe is a tried […]
dandelion field

Dandelion mead – putting those weed to good use

Dandelion – making that lawn annoyance into golden drops Dandelion is a scourge for many lawn-lovers. Nothing messes up that perfect green carpet than this lone […]
Cocoa mead

Death by chokolate …mead …

Chocolate mead – the Aztecs knew their shit. The use of honey to create alcohol or wine, is arguably one of the oldest fermentation technique we […]
Medieval mead

Mead – made the medieval way

We should not talk about mead without knowing its real roots. So in this article, I will talk about how I went to museum documents (online), […]
Mead of raspberry

Mead Recipie – Vanilla and Raspberry harmony

Raspberry mead is one of the recipies that has the potency of becoming a stable in any mead-makers repertoire. There’s something special about the smell, the […]