yeast starter
Yeast starter

Understanding gravity is essential in meadmaking. Long story short – gravity deals with the density of the fluid – relative to the density of pure water –  in your brew. For us brewers, this would amount to the “amount of sugar in your brew”. As there are several hydrometers in sale, each type calibrated for its intended use – make sure that when you want to buy a hydrometer for brewing- get one that is calibrated for brewing and not -let’s say – for milk ( yes – they do exist..)

Specific gravity on a hydrometer for this purpose, shows on a range, usually from below 1.000 and upward to well over 1.500 ( one, point xxx to one point xxx). Also here it is important to note you could find hydrometers with different ranges. Some specialized in the big ranges and lower details, while others have more narrow ranges and higher details.

Høvdingen - Norwegian for Chieftain, is the nickname of the main author on This is a guy who despite having a full job at a normal company, dedicate all his free time to the pursuit of Viking knowledge, especially the use of natural ingredients in food and drinks. This is not to say that this guy is an expert on the subject - just very very interested ... Mead is one of the main interests, but the poor guy, this Chieftain - he has for some odd reason more an interest in the flavors, and less in the effect the alcohol has. Therefore- most of the mead he makes throughout the year - and that could be quite a lot - ends up with his VERY happy friends... ( and no .. there's no waiting list to be new mead-tasters ....)

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