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The origins of mead

Mead: stems from the words Meathe, or meath.

It is an alcoholic drink, made from fermented water and honey.
The drink is often also fermented with flavors from fruits, be it pieces of fruit or juice thereof, or even grains, spices hops or other flavors.

The defining point of what is mead or not is where ( or not) honey is used as the main sugar for fermentation.

Mead might be naturally flat, Carbonated /Sparkly; it might range n sweetness from sweet, semi-sweet, and down to dry.
Alcoholic strength ranges from session mead, 3.5 %, to strong mead which would be over 20%.

Classification of mead

There are many names for the different types of mead.
Some, ( but not limited to these ) are:


  • Balche  is a Mayan mead which was made with the bark of the Balche tree
  • Bochet is mead which has had its honey caramelized.
  • Bracket is mead which has been mixed with ale.
  • Braggot is mead fermented on male and honey, much like beer or ale.
  • Capsicumel is mead where chili peppers make a spiced flavor. The capsicum is the determining factor.
  • Clarre is another name for Pyment and is a mead / melomel based on honey and grape juice or grapes.
  • Cyser is a Melomel / Sack mead made from apples /juice. The cyser is related to hard cider both in flavor and production method.
    Another, somewhat older name for this type mead is Cyster.
  • Hydromel is a French drink of watered-down or diluted mead.
  • Melomel is a mead made of honey and fruit. Another name for this type of mead is Mulsum.
  • Morat is a sack mead (actually, a Melomel) made with honey and mulberries.
  • Omphacomel is a mead made with honey and verjuice (the juice of unripened or immature grapes).
  • Oxymel is mead mixed or blended with vinegar.
  • Perry is a sack mead (actually, a Melomel) made with honey and pears.
  • Pyment is a mead (actually, a Melomel) made with honey and grapes or grape juice. Another name for this type of mead is Clarre.
  • Rhodamel is a mead (actually, a Metheglin) made with honey and rose petals.
  • T’ej is an Ethiopian style mead made with honey and hops.
  • Traditional is mead made with honey, water, acid, yeast nutrients, and yeast only.
  • Varietal is a Traditional mead made with a pure variety of honey, such as Clover, Fireweed or Heather.
  • Xtabentun – 

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