polish mead – Czwórniak

Polish mead – Trójniak
Polish mead – Dwójniak

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Polish mead grades
Grade Polish pronunciation Meaning Honey to water ratio Alcohol content by volume Reducing sugars
Sweetness Min. ageing time
Czwórniak [ˈt͡ʂfurɲak] Four parts 1:3 9–12% 35–90 g/l dry 9 months
Trójniak [ˈtrujɲak] Three parts 1:2 12–15% 65–120 g/l semi-sweet 1 year
Dwójniak [ˈdvujɲak] Two parts 1:1 15–18% 175–230 g/l sweet 2 years
Półtorak [puwˈtɔrak] One and a half parts 1:0.5 15–18% > 300 g/l dessert 3 years

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Høvdingen - Norwegian for Chieftain, is the nickname of the main author on Viking-mjod.no This is a guy who despite having a full job at a normal company, dedicate all his free time to the pursuit of Viking knowledge, especially the use of natural ingredients in food and drinks. This is not to say that this guy is an expert on the subject - just very very interested ... Mead is one of the main interests, but the poor guy, this Chieftain - he has for some odd reason more an interest in the flavors, and less in the effect the alcohol has. Therefore- most of the mead he makes throughout the year - and that could be quite a lot - ends up with his VERY happy friends... ( and no .. there's no waiting list to be new mead-tasters ....)

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